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TubeBuddy Review:  Ways to Use TubeBuddy to Scale Your Channel


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What does Tubebuddy do? Can TubeBuddy help you to grow your reach, sort through the puzzle of publishing and optimizing YouTube SEO? Does the free version help or should you choose a Tubebuddy paid plan? YouTube is one of the best ways to build a brand and earn money online, it is social media and search engine marketing smushed into one platform. Making YouTube videos does take a lot more time, effort, and technical skill than say, writing an Instagram caption Does Tubebuddy simplify this process? After using Tubebuddy and other YouTube optimization tools, in this TubeBuddy review you will learn 11 ways to grow your YouTube channel fast.

YouTube Is a Puzzle

 When getting started on YouTube, it can feel like a very challenging equation. We’ve all been there: uploading videos, getting virtually no views and wondering how to crack the magical codeYou probably haven't been having the best time when it comes to YouTube. Well, the truth is, nothing about growing a YouTube channel is magic.

A lot of it is simple math...

You need to start with some basic skills: the ability to film and edit videos, a bit of graphic design, and public speaking skills. Then you’ll need views on the videos you create. But how can you get that last part figured out? That’s where TubeBuddy comes in.

Welcome To TubeBuddy

Even if you are new to the world of YouTube (or especially if you are new to the world of YouTube), you have likely noticed that TubeBuddy is a program that is praised a lot. But does it live up to the hype? After trying the other tools, Tubebuddy is the one that came through and helped me to improve one of the most critical elements of climbing the ranks of YouTube SEO, click thru rate.

Here’s how I use it to improve my rankings...

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A User-Friendly Experience

 If you are new to growing a YouTube channel and marketing videos in general, simply getting this far into this review might have been a stressful ordeal. Don’t worry − things will get easier the more you get used to it. You’ll learn the language; you’ll find the skills. There was a time when no one knew how to create a Facebook page or write an effective blog post. But we grew, we adjusted, and we learned how to thrive in a new, digital world. Now, we just need to learn again, this time when it comes to making great, engaging content for YouTube. I love TubeBuddy for YouTube because it is easy to use, even for beginners. Yes, they have a ton of features, and yes, it can be a lot to take in. But every feature is easy to grasp, and simple language is used throughout. In fact, although I was already familiar with many aspects of video content marketing before reviewing TubeBuddy, the program did help me learn even more. TubeBuddy understands that many people are serious about making great videos and finding success with their YouTube Channel... Even if they have next to no views on their recent videos. That’s the beauty of using the TubeBuddy tool: at every step of the way, they treat you like you are an influencer in the making, no matter what stage in that process you are currently in.

Learning the Ropes

 TubeBuddy does not come without at least a few weaknesses. One of them is that there is a learning curve of this tool. In many ways, it’s hard to fault the program itself. It is just trying to be as comprehensive as possible and provide every feature needed to create high-ranking YouTube videos. But when starting it out, it can feel a little bit overwhelming. Some people might even feel discouraged if they do not immediately “get” it. My best advice is to be patient with the system − and trust me when I say, it is already being patient with you. Take a couple of days to learn a little bit about the system, and when in doubt, Google is your friend.

An Easy Browser Extension

When you install TubeBuddy, you will install it as a browser extension. This is nice for a lot of reasons. It means no complicated start-up process that drags on and wastes your time. It's just an easy to find tool for your browser. It also means that the program is very
 Although similar in nature, these are two different tools. However, they work in a similar fashion: TubeBuddy will essentially give you a score showing you how you ranked in comparison to popular keywords and searches. You’ll also get highly organized and easy-to-understand data that can help you choose keywords that will improve your rankings and get more attention.

Search Rankings

This feature allows you to review where you rank compared to relevant search terms. This saves you a ton of time doing this research by yourself and allows you to view increases and decreases in real time. This is one of the best parts of TubeBuddy in my opinion. The best SEO tools out there use tons of data help them figure out what is ranking where on google and YouTube. This search rankings tool within TubeBuddy makes it easy find what videos on your YouTube Channel are doing well and what ones need work. It's just nice to see all of the best keyword phrases and rankings right there in front of you.

Suggested Tags and
 Yes, A/B testing is always a great analytical tool, even when it comes to video content. You can create variations based on whatever your strengths and weaknesses are, comparing different tags, titles, thumbnails, and more. This tool is yet another one of my favorites. We spend a LOT of time on YouTube making videos. Rarely do we get any quantifiable feedback as to how to improve those videos.

Feedback is key!

However, with A/B testing you can see what people prefer. You can see which title or thumbnail you used got more hits. This way when you film future videos you have a data point to go off of. It's some times hard to find out what you're doing wrong with YouTube. With A/B testing you can find the best use of your time because you're getting real data back from real people.

Not only will TubeBuddy give you a list of tags to use to promote your video, but each tag will be given a score so you can see how effective they might be. This predictive element of TubeBuddy really helps your channel because you can start to get a sense of what other people use for tags on their videos.

Best Practice Audit

Failing to comply with YouTube guidelines could leave you in a lot of hot water, even if it was just an honest mistake. This audit essentially acts as a checklist, making sure your videos live up to YouTube’s standards. YouTube has been known to suddenly erase people's channel for no apparent reason. Wheather you like to admit it or not, you don't have 100% control over all your videos on YouTube. If you keep uploading content that is against their regulations you could find yourself locked out or worse yet, without a YouTube login all together.

Video A/B Testing

lightweight. It immediately becomes part of your everyday experience on the Internet, making it hard to forget about or lose interest in.

The Tools

Before getting into pricing details of this TubeBuddy Review, let’s take a look at some of the tools offered by TubeBuddy. Take note, however: not every tool will be available on every plan. TubeBuddy offers different packages (one of which is free!), and each one has different features and perks. However, many of the tools we’ll discuss today are the backbone of Tubebuddy’s success and will be available on any plan.

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