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RingHush reviews 2021

Over the past 24 months, more than a dozen studies, including one published in the Harvard Medical School Journal have shown that people over 40 who suffer from tinnitus and hearing loss are now at higher risk of developing life threatening brain disease more than ever before in the past 50 years.

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So I’m afraid at this point, it’s not a question of if, but a question of when.

In the next 5 minutes, I’ll show you:

The real location where tinnitus and hearing loss actually start (HINT: It’s not your brain or ears)...

The 1 early memory loss sign that you should never ignore if you suffer from tinnitus or hearing loss, that can shorten your life by up to 10 years...

And the incredible scientific breakthrough that makes it possible to stop ear ringing, restore your hearing to full volume, regain your mental clarity and protect your brain from early onset memory disease.

The same breakthrough that put me on Big Pharma’s hitlist a little over a year ago, even though it has saved the lives of over 78,000 brave men and women.

Just take a look at what some of them are saying.

People like Robert Harris from Austin, Texas who says:

“Oh my god, it stopped!

The noise in my head stopped, it’s incredible how good this feels.

Six years I had to live with this terrible disease. I was as good as deaf in my right ear, anxious and angry all the time, then the anxiety, panic attacks and memory lapses started to happen and they freaked me out!

I just wouldn’t understand why this happens to me!

But it’s all over now!

The wrecking noise in my head has stopped, it’s incredible how good silence feels! My ears are back to fully functioning and I feel my brain is working like in my young years again!

This is the only thing that worked for me out of everything else I’ve tried and I’ve tried so many things, it’s unimaginable.

Thanks so much Mark!”

Well thank you as well Robert and let me tell you, it’s because success stories like yours that drive us forward.

Hi, my name is Mark Whittle and this is the video that Big Pharma would stop at nothing to prevent you from seeing.

If you’re a man or a woman past your prime years and have been suffering from tinnitus or hearing loss for a month, a year or ever since you were a kid, then know this:

The tinnitus, hearing and memory loss market are worth $22 billion dollars, a number that is expected to grow by 50% over the next decade.

Tinnitus alone affects nearly 50 million people in the US and more than 600 million worldwide.

That’s almost 10% of the total population of this planet.

We’re facing a rising epidemic, and yet Big Pharma leaves its victims with little to no support and even fewer options.

But one thing is for sure:

They love your money!

And they sure know that pain, misery and suffering brings them way more profits than your good health and wellbeing.

Doctors all around the world are prescribing expensive pills and hearing aids like they’re giving out lottery tickets.

Billions of dollars spent every year by these greedy pharma corporations to promote their shady practices, yet not a single dime on finding a solution for these debilitating diseases...

Two years ago I saw this with my own eyes when my brother was brought to the emergency room, after almost shooting his wife of 42 years to death, because of his sudden memory lapse caused by tinnitus.

My own brother. Professor Culsoun, as his students used to call him.

He was one of the shapest, most brilliant minds I have ever seen in my life.

The guy could recite 1,000 decimals of PI on a Sunday afternoon while watching his favorite TV show.

My hero.

He raised two kids through law school, and took care of his sick wife when she couldn’t work anymore.

Now a shadow of a man, trapped on the hospital bed with a nurse coming in every few hours to check if he’s still breathing.

From time to time he would wake up, keep asking who’s the strange woman sitting next to his bed and pass out again.

His wife was devastated!

He looked at her as she was a complete stranger, after 42 years of marriage!

The doctors kept asking us if he was on any special medications, because his brain seemed overcharged and memory on brink of collapse.

But the truth is, we had no idea.

The only things he was taking were some anti anxiety meds to cope with his tinnitus and recent hearing loss.

We knew the ringing in his ears had gotten worse lately and his left ear was barely functioning, but besides that we were completely clueless.

Truth is, I never in a million years imagined these two terrible medical issues were actually hiding something much much worse.

“It’s only normal for patients with tinnitus and hearing loss to suffer from anxiety and memory lapses from time to time”, the doctor told me.

“Tinnitus is not a condition, but a symptom of something much worse happening inside your brain. It’s a sign that your brain is failing to do its job properly. And when it’s linked to hearing loss, then things start going downhill, your memory starts collapsing. Day by day...”

“Unfortunately modern medicine hasn’t quite figured out what exactly damages your brain so badly that it causes both ringing in the ears and loss of hearing, the doctor concluded.

“Hasn’t quite figured out?” I asked the doctor.

That was not the answer I was expecting from the billionaire pharma boys.

Barely conscious and with his memory fading away by the minute, they had my brother undergo dozens of tests and multiple CT scans.

They checked his head, ears, they even had him give urine samples, one of the doctors even suggested he should do a colonoscopy to check for a tumor, but nothing made sense to any of them.

They just couldn’t understand why his memory was failing, why every single test came out perfect, even for a man at his age.

Yet the only two symptoms that they had to go with, for explaining his memory loss were tinnitus and hearing loss. Not much to work with.

Little did the doctors know that something was happening inside my brother’s head, something that turned his brain into a ticking time bomb.

But as I found out from Sarah, his wife, this wasn’t his first “accident.”

My brother made her swear she wouldn't tell anyone.

If people were to find out, he might lose his job and they wouldn’t be able to pay off the second mortgage he took out on their home, to put their kids through law school.

And friend, what she had to say, struck me to my very core.

My brother’s symptoms were something which he tried to keep hidden from all of us, even though his life was a nightmare from hell.

This story may sound familiar to you.

It turns out his struggles with tinnitus started a few years back.

Then hearing loss came and he didn’t pay attention at first, he thought it would just go away, but soon his left ear was barely functioning.

Every doctor they saw told them it was only normal that these things happen and there’s nothing more they can do about it.

So my brother just tried to accept his fate while his anger and anxiety grew on him and tore him apart on the inside.

He was always a brave man, always used to being at the top of the chain. Always looking after his family, being their hero.

I mean, how could something like this happen to someone like him?

One morning Sarah sent him to pick up groceries, he returned 4 hours later empty handed excusing himself as he could not find his way to the supermarket.

The same store he had shopped in for the past 6 years, ever since it opened.

Things happened like this for a while and my brother made her swear she’ll keep this a secret, as he was too embarrassed to tell anyone.

He was always angry, furious and anxious because he couldn't sleep more than 3 hours straight, every night, due to the terrible noise in his head.

Then the horrible moment came that Sunday afternoon when my brother’s memory simply collapsed and he threatened to shoot down his own wife because he couldn’t remember who she was.

That was it.

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